Company Introduction

Company Overview

Apex Intec is a lighting company that leads new and renewable energy.

Invertor Relation
Company Name APEX INTEC CO., LTD. CEO Kwon Jin Kim
Founding Date November 3, 1997 Business Areas Manufacturing other than LED lighting
Head Office Factory 619-9, Indonggasan-ro, Gasan-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do Contact TEL. 054)976-7667~9 / FAX. 054)976-7670~1
Main Products LED light, LED landscape light, solar street light, solar security light, solar power generation device (independent type, grid-connected type)

A company that cares about people, technology and the environment

  • Eco-Friendly Product
  • Securing various LED lighting technologies
  • Solar independent/grid-connected/CCTV
    /Central control security light
  • Leading lighting control system for batteries/lighting
  • Technological
    innovation type solar
    power generation device
  1. Diverse product development capabilities

    • - LED lighting development and manufacturing
    • - Solar independent / grid-connected type
    • - CCTV integrated security light in connection with central control
    • - Solar power plant
    • - P-CAP controller and lighting controller
  2. Accumulation of technical know-how

    • - Gain experience in system design and development
    • - Product design considering high reliability and productivity
    • - Shorten development lead time
    • - CO-WORK NETWORK construction
  3. Securing element development capabilities

    • - Circuit and H/W development
    • - POWER/DRIVER design technology
    • - Optical/Lighting Technology
    • - Controller and control device development
    • - Continuous investment in future new technologies
  4. Ability to solve problems quickly

    • - Excellent analysis ability and advanced equipment
    • - Accurate customer needs analysis
    • - Identify problems and solve them quickly
    • - Provides a framework for solving problems