Company Introduction


Let me introduce Apex Intec's unique BI/CI.


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  • Corporate Identity
    1. 01The symbol mark graphic identity clearly contains the ideology and philosophy of delegation management.
    2. 02The hypotenuse of the triangle means that it is shorter than the sum of the remaining two sides, no matter how long it is, and it symbolizes the corporate philosophy of aiming for internal and external harmony.
    3. 03Like the philosophy of the symbol mark, delegation management, responsibility, harmony, and win-win cooperation mean value creation.

Main Color

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  • Brand Identity
    1. 01Green Lumen is the LED brand of Apex Intec Co., Ltd.
    2. 02The circular band is clean, drawn by widely visualizing the three primary colors (RGB) of light that make up the light into a circular band It means that we will brighten the world with energy and put light in every space of our customers.

Main Color

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