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기업 공시
Installation Year Month Delivery Destination Contents Product Name
2020. 06 Gyeonggi-do Hwaseong Osan Office of Education Seokwoo Middle School Seokwoojung LED Lighting Purchase Request LED Indoor Lighting
2022. 05 Chilgok-Gun, Gyeongsangbuk-Do Street Light Installation Work in Jagosan (Electricity) LED Security Light
2022. 04 National Railroad Corporation Chungcheong Headquarters Manufacture and Purchase of LED Lighting Equipment for Seohae Line Double-Track Railroad and 1 Business LED Flood Light
2022. 03 Korea Airports Corporation Jeju Regional Headquarters Government-Supplied Materials for the Improvement of Security Lights on the Outskirts of the Moving area of Jeju Airport (1st Phase) LED Flood Light
2022. 02 Administrative Central City Construction Administration Purchasing Government-Supplied Materials (4 Living Area Welfare Support Center_Lighting Equipment (2nd)) LED Indoor Lighting
2022. 02 Saemangeum Development Administration Purchase of Materials (Tunnel Lighting Fixtures) Subject to Direct Purchase for Saemangeum North-South Road Phase 1, Section 4 Construction LED Tunnel Light
2022. 01 Civil Service Pension Service Seoul Gaepo Sangnok Apartment Electrical Construction Supply Materials Lighting Equipment (Unit Household) Purchase LED Indoor Lighting
2021. 12 Icheon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do Water and Sewerage Office Icheon Environment Office Indoor LED Lighting Purchase LED Flood Light
2021. 11 Korea Expressway Corporation Yongin-Guri Inter-Galhyeon Tunnel (To Anseong) LED Tunnel Light
2021. 11 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Busan Regional Land Management Office Poh [Government level] National highway No. 7 Taebong tunnel (upper) (lower) lighting equipment improvement work LED Tunnel Light